Subaru WRX with Nissan Skyline GT-R Engine Swap

When somebody forces a freaking Nissan Skyline GT-R engine into a Subaru WRX, people are going to want to call the result animal names. Heck, the owner of the thing dubbed it Panda WRX (we’re pretty sure the Fiat pun is not intended) and we have to admit we dig this puppy.

As you can see in these images, which come from the owner’s Instagram page, the RB26DETT heart transplant brings more than just two extra cylinder. For one thing, the motor no longer hangs out from the front axle, as it happens with the original Subaru Boxer.

Instead, the straight-six comes in a front-mid-mounted configuration. So while the Scooby has kept its all-wheel-drive nature, we’re ready to bet it has overcome its initial understeer issues.

We’re dealing with the engine leaving an all-paw machine online to land in another one and, judging by the position of the unit, we expect the setup to pack the GT-R’s gearbox.

Nevertheless, there’s not too much info on the car lying around. That’s because the thing has recently stepped out of its cage – after the tons of work required by the project, the machine greeted the public over the past weekend, having shown up at the Philly Auto Show.

At this point, many gear heads out there will want to know what the driver of this JDM hybrid for for a living. According to his Instagram, the man run a business that builds custom shift knobs and other such accessories. You know, stuff like Subaru license plate deletes.

Thanks to the extreme turbo and exhaust setup in the clip below, you’ll be able to notice that the aural might of the car matches its visual boldness.

Judging by the social media reactions we’ve seen so far, we’re expecting many internal combustion fans out there to show very little love for this project. And the reasons has more to do with the black section of the car than with its engine swap. Amusing, isn’t it?

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