Suicidal Subaru Driver Almost Causes Multiple Accidents

Turning left onto a main road without making sure the coast is clear is among the most dangerous maneuvers anyone can make in traffic.

For some unexplained reason, this Subaru owner seemed completely oblivious to the dangers that lay ahead and proceeded to make one of the worst left turns we’ve ever seen.

While that Jeep may have anticipated the Subaru driver’s intentions and got on the brakes in time, the dark saloon coming in hot from the other direction needed to fight for every inch of room possible under braking in order to not smash into the back of that Legacy.

This could have easily resulted in a multiple car pileup as soon as the Subaru driver completed the left turn. Also, that pickup that just stopped short of hitting the car in front may not have done so in time had the Legacy been hit.

The worst part is, some people who tend to execute these types of horrendously risky maneuvers in traffic, do so because they’re ignorant of their surroundings, and not because they’re in a hurry – which would at least mean they’re aware of the risks.

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  1. CMC
    March 6, 2017

    With more and more drivers on the road, constant and highly visible PSA’s are necessary. Whats even worse is that these drivers never pay the price yet the people they hit may pay the ultimate price.

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