Friday, June 23 2017

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Bobsleds don’t have rearview mirrors. Turns out, Subarus about to run down bobsled tracks don’t need them. But that’s only one of the modifications made to the Subaru WRX STI prepped by rally specialists Prodrive to race down the mecca for bobsledders in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The others? A reinforced front and rear frame, 8-millimeter …


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A new ‘race model’ Subaru WRX is set to attempt a Nurburgring speed record this year. Dubbed the WRX STI Type RA (RA for ‘record attempt’) Subaru’s new 231kW Rexy is going to be limited to 500 units. The RA badge comes from 1989, when a Legacy broke the FIA World Speed Endurance Record by clocking over …


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Some enthusiasts find pleasure in showing off their ride at cars and coffee on Saturdays, or taking it to an auto show for their chance at some trophies and fame. Others like hitting the track on weekends for a bit of performance-pushing power, or prefer snaking their way down a canyon like petrol-powered bobsledders. And …


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One route wouldn’t require a potential partnership, while the other almost definitely would. Subaru’s built itself a hybrid before, but the automaker hasn’t yet fully embraced the industry’s move toward electrification. It’s not a race, but Subaru is definitely taking it slow and steady. Subaru is mulling whether to introduce electric versions of its current …