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Would You Buy An All-Electric Subaru WRX Or WRX STI?

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Subaru still finalizing its electrification plans

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Poll: Subaru Impreza 5-Door or Honda Civic Hatchback?

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The first Subaru EV will arrive in 2021, but which model will it be based on? Subaru has told Bloomberg that it’s planning to launch all-electric versions of its existing models over the next several years, with the first expected to arrive by 2021. The Japanese automaker also plans to invest some $1.2 billion on …

One route wouldn’t require a potential partnership, while the other almost definitely would. Subaru’s built itself a hybrid before, but the automaker hasn’t yet fully embraced the industry’s move toward electrification. It’s not a race, but Subaru is definitely taking it slow and steady. Subaru is mulling whether to introduce electric versions of its current …

Small hatchbacks are surprisingly versatile. Despite their trim exterior dimensions, you can load ‘em up with an entire garage sale’s worth of junk. Two popular five-door options are the brand-new Subaru Impreza or Honda’s nearly as fresh, and much-hyped Civic. Which of these cars is a better choice? Well, that’s your job to determine… AND …